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    MXbox Hybrid

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    GNSS/GIS Erfassung - GEOmeter handheld

  • Historische GPS Antenne von 1985

    Historische GPS Antenne von 1985

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    Fahrzeug Ortung

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    MXbox GNSS

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    GEOmeter MX

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    Automatisierte Winterdienstdokumentation

  • MXbox GNSS

    MXbox GNSS

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    GEObox XL

GEOsat News

We are on – catalogue deutscher Raumfahrtakteure (KaRA)

Katalog deutscher Raumfahrtakteure
catalogue deutscher Raumfahrtakteure (29 MB)

We are pleased to present the first edition of the catalogue of German space players (Katalog deutscher Raumfahrtakteure - KaRA). With the participation of GEOsat GmbH, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has created the catalogue. The full range in the space sector of federal and state authorities, universities, technical colleges, non-university research institutions, associations, networks and associations, companies, incubators and media is evident in the catalogue.

KaRA is primarily aimed at politicians, multipliers and cooperation partners as well as at non-aviation science and industry. The catalogue is intended to clearly illustrate the activities and competencies of the German space actors.


Upcoming Global Positioning System WeekNumber Rollover Event

The GPS Internal Navigation Time Scale “GPS Time” is based on the weighted average of GPS satellites and ground station clocks.  GPS Time is used for user navigation solutions.  A nanosecond error in GPS Time can equate to one foot of position (ranging) error.  The WN parameter is provided via a ten (10) bit parameter–or “counter.”The valid range of values for the WN parameter is 0 to 1023 (or 1024 total values).  The WN parameter is incremented by one each week. At the end of the 1024thweek, the counter experiences a rollover (resets) to 0.  Each WN rollover event defines a new GPS Time Epoch.  The WN value is referenced to the start of the current GPS Time Epoch.  The last WN rollover was August 21, 1999.  GPS Time is currently in the second Epoch.  The next WN rollover is April 6, 2019.

Source: https://ics-cert.us-cert.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Memorandum_on_GPS_2019.pdf

The GEOsat recommends that you, regardless of the manufacturer, play a current firmware to the GNSS receivers to take into account the upcoming GPS week rollover.

If you need assistance for this, we will be happy to assist you at any time.


GEObox smart

GEObox smart


The GEObox smart is a robust and compact GPS/GPRS location unit, especially developed for the use in vehicles. The Box suits as a intelligent communication platform for a unbroken documentation of complex flow of work. Involving the RFID-Technologie resources, equipment, vehicles and employees are automatically identified. Online by GPRS or offline by SD-card all relevant data are available for evaluating enterprise data.



Advantage for the user:


  • easy handling and installation
  • easy to maintain (reduction of follow-upcosts)
  • neutral data storage in NMEA-Formatcan be used by a lot of programs
  • easy to expand the system with other modules
  • save and reliable data aquisition

downloadTechnical Specification



The Box has digital and analog ports by which input and output devices can be combined.

With sensors the filling level of a container or a truck is scanned online, the running time of machines on the cars are collected by sensors and combined with the vehicle location. With modern wireless data flow, these information is integrated in your book-keeping an can be used entrepreneurial.

Already existing hard- and software can be combined with the GEObox smart System. So you get a solution build on your previous work  



... master in location and data aquisition.